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Posted by Thabang Motsotsa on 2nd Oct 2019

Image by Sebastiaan Stam

Wearing T-shirt is no longer about the longing need to remain frugal and modest. T-shirts have evolved into an effective and communicative way to express oneself in ways we've never seen before. Think about it, wearing a printed T-shirt is almost the same as posting your status for the day or occasion. We see people with happy or sad emoji’s printed on the T’s, we write our heartfelt quotes onto our T’s, and as you might have seen, sometimes we like plain T’s in the name of maintaining a casual energy allowing people to guess at your mood and feeling just as if the T-shirt is a kind of mysteriously artistic canvass. Now, here's what to keep in mind when you create trendy printed T’s:

1. Great T-shirt branding is innovative.

The possibilities for innovation are not by any means exhausted. Definitive eras are always offering new opportunities for new innovative T-shirt printing (or what we call here at Kgabo Merch) 'T-shirt branding' but innovative T-shirt branding always develops in tandem with unconventional thinking, and can never be an end itself.

2. Great T-shirt branding makes the message useful

People brand T-shirts for a variety of reasons but this point is for the ones who create branded T’s as a business, you may be an entrepreneur in the clothing business or a public figure looking to capitalize on recognition and brand reach. But whatever you do, T-shirts are bought to be used so make sure that they satisfy all the touch points within your customer's journey. So they have to be functional, aesthetic or otherwise.

3. Great T-shirt branding is inspirational

The inspirational quality of branded T-shirts is integral to its usefulness because invariably what we consume affects our person-and-well being.

Image by Frans Van Heerden

4. Great T-shirt branding is relatable

A branded T-shirt should easily communicate the objectives of the designer, company or brand. So it should make the T-shirt talk. At best, it should be self explanatory.

5. Great branding is unobtrusive

As we mentioned before, T-shirts are about self expression and an expression of self that is not only subjective but also objective. Your branding of the T-shirt should therefore be both neutral and unrestrained, to leave room for the other people's self-expression.

6. Great T-shirt branding is honest

Great T shirt branding does not make the brand to be more innovative, powerful and high quality than it really is. It does not attempt to manipulate the consumer with promises that cannot be kept.

Image by Chelsi Peter

7. Great branding on T’s is long lasting

Quality, quality, quality is very important. Not only in terms of the fabric of the T-shirt but also the branding or printing of the T-shirt, so an embroidery print is not such a bad idea but just avoid overdoing it. Furthermore, make sure that the message is strong to avoid being the throwaway branded T’s that came and left with the times.

8. Great T-shirt branding is thorough down to the last detail

Nothing must be arbitrary or left to chance. Care and accuracy in the branding process shows respect towards your customer.

9. Great T-shirt branding is socially-friendly

Great T-shirt printing makes important contribution to the preservation of positive progression in society. It conserves traits of good character and minimizes emotional and psychological pollution throughout the lifecycle of the branded T-shirt. So be cautious on the degree of texture, understand the dangers of the ink used for print because sometimes T-shirt texture and the type of print used can affect customers in different ways depending on their skin conditions.

10. Great T-shirt require as little branding as possible

Remember, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication so concentrate on the essential aspects, and avoid being burdened with non-essentials.

To conclude, keep your customer in mind when you create your branded T’s, I mean you can't print a winter T-shirt to sell in summer or vice versa.